Charlotte Laurie Designs offers a unique collection of textile bouquets, flowers and gifts all exquisitely made with intricate detail for any occasion

Charlotte Laurie Designs

Bouquets, Buttons and Boutique Bits & Bobs

I started Charlotte Laurie Designs after I made the slightly crazy decision to hand make all of the bouquets, decorations, and flowers for my wedding in 2012 - I wanted to really incorporate a quirky personal touch with my love for craft and make something that would stand out and also double as unique keepsakes - as much as I love flowers I've always hated that they're only temporary! People loved what I'd done and I started getting commissions from friends for their occasions - which gave me the confidence to branch out and make a go of turning a passion into something more

I'm really passionate about working with people to make pieces which incorporate both my sensibilities and their tastes - my pieces are complete one-offs, and I'm really keen to incorporate the customers requests into my work - hand-stitching heirlooms, text and anything else into their commissions

My flowers are 100% handmade and hand-stitched using wool felt and the quirkiest buttons I can hunt down - my husband is pretty much trained to detour to antique shows or funky little shops on the off-chance that I might discover something unique to incorporate into one of my bouquets.

I really love what I do and hope you love it too.

Charlotte Laurie Designs

Kent DA10
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